Father’s Day Gifts: Surprise Your Dad With Unique Wines

Father's Day Gifts
Last Updated: June 28th, 2021

Unique wine for Father’s day to surprise your dad?

Each third Sunday of June is reserved for Father’s Day so let’s find your perfect Father’s Day Gifts together! This is a day to honour our loving fathers and not only them but also father figures, grandfathers, and fathers-in-law. As June 20th is approaching fast, you have just enough time to think of some unique token of appreciation for your dad. If nothing comes to your mind, let us jump in with a few suggestions! 

We chose 10 unique wines that could make any Father’s day gift just perfect. And not just perfect. We have listed unique bottles of wine that are a dash of pure nature and health. We focused on wines with flavours that become more amazing with each sip. 

Opt for organic wines to taste something different and unique 

If you are new to organic wines and organic winemaking, we invite you to explore the diverse world of artisan organic wine. We have tried and tested all our wines and we can assure you that sustainable, low intervention wines are offering a truly different, unique experience. Besides, not having to weigh your options as there are no animal products in wine, you can enjoy healthy histamine-free and low sugar wines. Also, no need to worry about sulphites

It’s simple – wines produced organically are better for the environment and they taste as the wine should actually taste. With no chemicals added during the process of winemaking, organic wine preserves much of the rich natural aroma and is hugely beneficial for overall health. 

Organic wines may look funky and taste differently compared to conventional wine. Still, with every bottle, you can give someone a dose of pure health and an array of beneficial antioxidants. There is no father who would dislike such a gift, don’t you agree?  

Father's day gifts

For the start, dive into our wide selection of natural and organic wines.

On Pull the Cork you can choose many unique and tasty organic wines from all over the world. From classic red and white wine to exciting sparkling wines, there is something for everyone. Or you can experience something new by choosing a perfect bottle of orange wine. 

Father’s Day Gifts – we tried, tested and selected for you 

#1 Richard Rottiers Moulin-à-Vent 2019

With a first sip, this red wine brings the aroma of fresh cherries and violets. On the other side, its complexity is a result of the time that juice spent in oak. What is great with this wine is that the grape is hand-picked and carefully sorted. Wine is produced with a method that allows all the fruit aromas to be carefully extracted.  

Wine gifts for Father's day

  • If your father prefers delicatessen on special occasions then he will definitely cherish your choice of Moulin-a-vent by Richard Rottiers as Father’s Day Gift. 

#2 Clos Henri Pinot Noir 2016

We will always recommend this classic red wine as a perfect gift for anyone. Its flavour is unique but also universal and anybody can enjoy it. It is the wine with a rich palette of aromas where fruit dominates. A perfect mix of cherry, plum and raspberry, liquorice and spices makes this wine ideal for any occasion or event.  

  • If you don’t know the taste your father has for wine, and you wish to surprise him, this is an excellent choice. 

#3 Domaine de la Courtade, L’Alycastre Rosé 2019

Domaine de la Courtade, L’Alycastre Rosé 2019 is a rose wine, a jewel of Provence, produced organically of a blend of Rolle, Mourvedre, Grenache, and Syrah types of grapes. The wine may be named after some mythical dragon, but its taste is refreshingly fruity. The texture of this wine is soft and light, enriched with a slightly spicy aftertaste. That makes it perfect for any roasted meat or spicy curries. 

  • If your father is a curry or barbecue guy, then this organic rosé wine will be a perfect fit for him. 

Healthy low sugar red wines can surprise you!

If your father takes extra care of his health, we have got you covered. On Pull The Cork website PTC you can easily find low sulphur wine, low alcohol wine and low sugar wine.  The easiest way to find wines without sugar (or low in sugar), we suggest you start with red wine (and it gives you a good heads up if your dad loves reds). 

Find out more about sulphite free wine

Why red wine?

Red wine is the lowest sugar wine. A glass of red wine has the least amount of sugar and that is 0.9g per 175ml glass. This makes red wine a great choice for diabetics and anyone who counts calories in a bottle of wine.

If you wonder whether diabetics can drink wine, then rest assured that red wine is a perfect option if your father had diabetes. You can go even a step further and choose a wine from our selection of wines that are low sulphur and histamine-free. Of course, in case your father suffers from allergies or a bad hangover. Whatever the situation is, we got you covered, our range of artisan red wines that will intrigue you. 

#1 Ciello Rosso Nero d’Avola 2019

Ciello Rosso Nero d’Avola is one of our most popular wines which is no surprise. It is a classic red wine and histamine-free wine with a taste that is refreshing and rich. On a first sip, you can feel the fresh taste of dark and almost roasted fruits such as black cherries and red and dark plums. 

Find out more about low histamine wine.

With this bottle, you will ensure pure pleasure, a classic red wine with a finishing hint that reminds you of coffee and bitter chocolate. 

Father's day gifts - Ciello Rosso Nero d'Avola

  • It is simply the best bottle of red wine you can give to someone. Your dad will be amazed, and by all means, he will be the star of the night if he serves dinner with this drink. 

Free tip: Find out how long does red wine last and how long before it becomes sour and unpleasant.

#2 Frank Cornelissen MunJebel Rosso PA 2017

Another star among classic red wines is definitely this bottle of famous Italian wine and low sulphur wine. It is the most wanted wine on the platform and a preferable option for any dinners or gatherings. 

The wine is naturally produced and has a wonderful array of elegant and fresh aromas. Frank Cornelissen MunJebel Rosso PA 2017 has a lovely and tasty mix of fruit aromas such as wild cherry, ripe plum, red currant along with sweet spice and wildflowers. 

Frank Cornelissen MunJebel Rosso PA 2017

It is also our personal choice and we can say that this wine presents a remarkable balance of fruit aromas and polished tannins. It provides a taste that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Fairly enough to be a perfect present and one of the best Father’s Day gifts. 

#3 Division-Villages ‘Béton’ Oregon 2017

If you are looking for the best natural wines and you need a low alcohol wine that tastes uniquely, this is the one. It is a kind of wine that is great for anybody who adores the taste of the wine, but not the after-effects of the alcohol. 

Division-Villages ‘Béton’ Oregon 2017 contains plenty of aromas such as gorgeous dark berries. It is also a wine made through minimal manipulation which means that juice has preserved all the health benefits that natural wine has to offer. 

It is a perfect combination of great taste and health benefits. This wine is one that is suitable at any time and for any occasion.

This red wine may be the perfect Father’s Day gift for a new dad as well. 

Classic white wine could never be a wrong choice for a gift 

Sparkling wine, pet nat, refreshing, fruity and sweet, classic, and most famous white wine from all over the world can be found when browsing our artisan selection of natural wines on Pull the Cork. We know how hard it can be to choose the perfect white wine. Therefore, we have selected the most unique ones that will impress any father out there. 

#1 Tokaji Furmint Pajzos Szaraz 2018

If your father prefers white wine, this Hungarian wine will certainly make an impression. It is made out of three types of grapes – Furmint, Sargamuskotaly, and Harslevelu. The combination creates a clean and fresh taste that reminds of a dewy spring meadow with some mango base. 

  • If your father likes to dine meals right from a grill and enjoy grilled poultry or fish, Tokaji will certainly add to the overall enjoyment. 

Tokaji Furmint Pajzos Szaraz 2018 is one of those wines that has gained popularity thanks to its universal but splendid taste. Since the start of the production, bottles of Tokaji have become wanted wine in many prestigious restaurants and in numerous countries. 

Tokaji Furmint Pajzos Szaraz 2018

#2 Jacques Bruére Cap Classique Blanc de Blanc 2011

We are certain that no father will dislike the bottle of something sparkling and refreshing. Especially if he uses the wine to impress his friends for a weekend dinner. Jacques Bruère Cap Classique Blanc de Blanc 2011 produced in a traditional style as Champagne has a refreshing flavour filled with citrus notes and fresh lime, followed by a subtle yeastiness. 

Jacques Bruére Cap Classique Blanc de Blanc 2011

Some would call it a great alternative to Prosecco but is also something different for anyone to try and buy as a gift. 

#3 Château de Marsan Bordeaux Supérieur 2018

What is great about this wine is that you can buy two bottles for two types of enjoyment. The one for your father to try immediately and another excellent wine that you can preserve for a few years and enjoy later. Château de Marsan Bordeaux Supérieur will always award you with a whole palette of amazing fruity aromas, particularly plum and cherry. Within each sip, you will also discover some cinnamon, black pepper, and even a hint of vanilla from the oak.

  • This wine gives you a fine and lovely balance of aromas in the mouth. 

Any Sunday lunch can turn into a special occasion as this white wine goes perfectly with red meats and roasted poultry. That also makes this wine one of the most suitable Father’s Day gifts. 

We won’t stop here, we have more Father’s Day Gifts to recommend to you. 

Last minute gifts for Father’s Day

Last-minute gifts and vouchers can also be amazing and equally caring. With Pull the Cork wine gift voucher you can leave your dad to choose a perfect bottle of wine on his own. You can buy gift vouchers in different amounts online and arrange them to be sent to the right email address with a proper message. 

Last minute gifts for Father's day - wine gift voucher

Your father can enjoy delicious natural wine – monthly 

We invite you to try something completely different. With our monthly wine subscription, you can give your father an opportunity to explore wines like he hasn’t ever before. 

When we created a wine subscription we wanted to ensure all local producers have support and visibility. Especially those who care about the environment and stand for minimal intervention in wine production. We also wanted to support our national wines and wineries and give the most splendid brands a chance to find a deserved place on the scene. 

By being our wine subscriber your father can enjoy all those fantastic wines. This can also be a perfect addition to Father’s Day gifts you already purchased. Plus,  he can be one of the supporters of the good cause. It’s up to you!  Whatever you choose, be sure to check out our shipping and delivery information. We deliver your wines and wine boxes internationally and UK-wide.

Happy Fathers day in advance to all the fathers that read our blog!

If you still wish to explore our wine selection, head over to our shop page and use our clever category selector to browse other interesting organic wines. 


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