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Last Updated: June 4th, 2021

Having worked a large part of my legal drinking life in the wine trade, I have never been able to take part in Dry Jan – so for me, there has always been the alternative route, which is either drinking less – which in my role is pretty impossible, resorting to watery alcohol free wheat beers or try lower alcohol, lower sulphur wines!

Giving up alcohol is a bit like giving up smoking – when you give up smoking you crave food, a lot of food!

So in my eyes, I think I’d rather keep enjoying the good stuff, but just lower the alcohol content, and there are a lot of amazing low alcohol wines & sulphite free wine on the market at the moment!

Sugar in wine vs alcohol content in wine

With alcohol, you generally crave sugar, and with this comes additional weight, and more cravings. And with additional weight, you start wondering which wine has the lowest sugar content.

The average bottle of wine now-er days is between 12-14% ABV.

The alcohol content in wine tells you a lot about sugar content in wine – more sugar in wine – more alcohol by volume (more alcohol content in wine – more calories in a bottle of wine).

So if you want the lovely rich flavours of wine but a lower alcohol content (and low sugar wine) you’ll love the low alcohol wine we have listed below.

Can diabetics drink wine that is low in sugar and in alcohol? Find out which ones are the most suitable. 

Premium Natural Low Alcohol Wines 

These low alcohol, yet quality wines are all 11.5% ABV or below making them the perfect fit for your not so dry Jan! When you go to take a sip of these wines, don’t just chuck them back like you may have done trying to enjoy the office party in December, try and be mindful, indulge but enjoy at the same time!

The low alcohol revolution is set to be the biggest drinks trend this year, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon now, and try some!

Bocchoris Brut Cava NV

A blend of Xarello, Macabeo and Parellada this sustainably produced Cava is from a long-established winemaking family. The cellar is located in the centre of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia village (Barcelona) and is considered one of the five oldest and most traditional cellars still running in the Penedes region.

Bocchoris Brut Cava is a pale straw-yellow, with intense green apple, and patisserie aromas. The palate is soft and fresh with integrated acidity and crisp citrus and stone fruits on the finish. At only 11.5% in alcohol, this makes this wine the perfect solution for the low alcohol and low sulphur dioxide revolution.

Testalonga I Wish I Was A Ninja Pet Nat 2018

I Wish I Was A Ninja


The Testalonga wines are low sulphur natural wines. I Wish I Was A Ninja pet nat is aromatic and laser-bright, like lemonade for grown-ups. A fresh, bright pet nat with a taste reminiscent of the freshest apples and peaches. Off-dry and far too smashable, it’s “like lemonade for grown-ups” and insanely tasty – from one of South Africa’s most exciting winemakers.

At only 9.5% abv this is the ultimate low alcohol Pet Nat wine, no added sulphur crowd pleaser!

The verdict on best low alcohol wines

The Pull The Cork safe bet for Dry January would be the Testalonga wines, it would definitely see you through Dry January and beyond – just keep dreaming of summer sun!

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