Wondering how to get hold of some top-notch sustainable wine at a bargain price? First off, have a gander at the wine we have on offer. None take your fancy? Not to worry, we’ve got some discount codes you can use on the rest of our wines. 

And no, you don’t have to scour the internet looking for our elusive Pull The Cork discounts… we’ve only gone and given you them below. 

We do make life easy.

Plus, once you’ve used a discount code (*spoiler alert* – you can only use each code once), we have a few other ways for you to make savings on your wine purchases.  

Don’t say we’re not kind to you.

How our PTC discount codes work

All you have to do is decide which wine you wish to purchase (have you checked out our stellar wine subscriptions?), pick your chosen discount method and head on over to the checkout. 

Told you it was easy. 

Pull The Cork Discounts

OK, so here are the various ways you can take advantage of our generous nature.

Sign up to the newsletter

This one is clearly for winners. 

Not only do you get a fascinating read dropping into your inbox on a weekly basis (the newsletter is a mixture of new wines we’re retailing, small producers we’re championing and of course all the latest content from our killer blog), but you also get a whopping 10% off your first order. 

You’re welcome. 

To receive this discount code it’s a simple exchange. You give us your email address and faster than you can pop a cork, we’ll email over your discount code. 

A few points to note when using this discount code: 

– It gives you a 10% discount off your first order

– Your order must be over £100 

– It’s not applicable to sales items or subscriptions

– Code cannot be used in conjunction with other codes 

– It’s limited to one use per user

Our seasonal discount code 


This is our Spring discount code. 

What we lack in imagination we make up for in generosity (and great wine). 

This discount code gives you 7% off your first order. So, if you don’t want us popping into your inbox on a regular basis (don’t worry, we won’t take it personally), but still want to get decent wine delivered direct to your door at a cut-price rate, then this is the code for you. 

A few points to note when using this discount code: 

– It’s not applicable to sales items or subscriptions.

– Code cannot be used in conjunction with other codes 

– It’s limited to one use per user

Free Delivery

This won’t be a shocker, but we charge for delivery. It’s not a huge amount (we’ll deliver any bottle anywhere in the UK for just £8.00 for single bottles, and £9.00 for more) and if we could make it free, we would.

Oh wait. 

We just did.  

When you spend over £300 with us we’ll waive your delivery fee. 

It’s the least we can do. 

Oh, and just for good measure, we’ll also throw in a free Pull The Cork tote bag, because we love you. And also so you can do some inadvertent marketing for us. But mainly because we love you. 

Page & product reviews

Not feeling up to spending much this month? That’s OK.

Help us spread the PTC message and as a thank you for showing us some love, we’ll enter you into our silent monthly competition. 

Every month one lucky winner will receive a surprise in the post. 

We can’t say what it is, but there’s a strong possibility it might be bottle-shaped. With a 75cl capacity. And it might contain some alcohol, or even yet more discounts on us. 

How do you get in on this action? Simply submit a 5* page review or review 2 or more of our products and cross your fingers. Or join us on our socials for a chat – we’re on insta and Facebook.


Discounts codes awarded from subscriptions are strictly for the use of the sole customer, and only the customer.