If your company values and ours align, let’s combine our super sustainability powers and set the world on fire! Or at the very least let Pull The Cork fulfil all of your corporate wine needs. 

Pull The Cork is passionate about wines crafted by real people with a real sense of passion and authenticity – wines that are made from grapes grown by actual farmers who care about their vineyards. These people are the true unsung heroes of the wine industry, and it is our intention to make it easier than ever before for you to access their delicious, sustainably produced, natural, biodynamic, vegan and organic artisanal wines yourself. 

So if those qualities are important to you and your team, then contact us and start drinking better wine in your workplace.

Pull The Cork Corporate Wine

From stocking your office wine cellar (or cupboard) with a carefully chosen selection of sustainably sourced wines (as often as you require), to sending out a suitably spectacular (and memorable) sustainable bottle of wine on your behalf, Pull The Cork would love to service your corporate wine needs.

  • Want to send an ethically sourced gift to a valued customer? How about a bottle of natural wine to say thank you?
  • Need to shout about your sustainable working practices? Let your choice of sustainably sourced, organic wine do the talking for you.
  • Hosting an event where your key clients will be wined and dined? Give them organic, vegan or biodynamic wine to get the conversation flowing. 

The point is, we can provide you with a product that embodies your ethical, sustainable messaging. 

Use Pull The Cork to fulfil all of your corporate wine needs

Pull The Cork corporate wine gift service

It really is this simple:

  • You choose the wine (or we can help you)
  • We send out your wine gift complete with a handwritten note (on sustainably made cards of course)
  • You take full credit for your excellent choice of sustainably sourced, delicious wine – it’s a win-win all around

Why the Pull The Cork corporate wine service is different

  1. We are flexible. Whatever your budget, your needs or your aims, we will listen to you and deliver sustainable wine recommendations that suit your company. 
  2. We are dedicated. We are wholly stuck on sustainable wine – we champion all of our artisan wine producers and we are hell-bent on ensuring sustainability in the world of wine. But our passion for what we do is only possible by ensuring that we take the utmost care with your passion. We promise to remove any stresses of gift-giving and worries from corporate entertaining, filling you with total confidence that your customers and clients are in safe hands. 

We are personal. We aren’t a large conglomerate, we are a small, dedicated team passionate about sustainability in the wine industry and as such we will provide you with a personal service. We will tailor your selection of wines to your exact requirements, delivering them quickly and without fuss, to your office, as often as you require. You never have to worry about running out of the finest, sustainably produced, natural, biodynamic, vegan or organic artisanal wines again. We have your back.

Furthermore we also offer Corporate Wine Tasting Events, please click below for more information on this. Wine Tasting Events