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Vegan Wine: The Debate Continued

Vegan-friendly Wine

Natural wines are essentially wines made in harmony with planet earth. And this is where the debate about vegan wine arose. The natural wine movement has been the biggest game-changer in the 21st-century wine world and for very good reasons. To class a wine as natural, the general idea is that the whole production of the […]

Histamine Free Wine Or Low Histamine Wine – Is It a Thing?

Histamine free wine - is it a thing?

Histamine free wine, is it a thing? Do you experience unexplained headaches when drinking wine? Does your face flush when you drink red wine? If you’ve suffered from seasonal allergies or food allergies, you may have noticed that antihistamine medications like Zyrtec, Allegra or Benedryl provide quick relief of your symptoms. This is because histamine is […]

Why Do Some Wines Give You a Headache?

Why do some wines give you a Headache

Why do some wines give you a headache? This is a common question these days. Aside from drinking too much, there could be a legitimate reason for your pain! Some people believe that post-wine headaches are caused by sulphites in wine but this myth has since been debunked by experts. Instead, we should be pointing the […]