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Never had organic wine? Never tried natural wine? Not sure what sustainable and biodynamic wines are? Wondering if they taste better? In order to help you try out a more sustainable way of enjoying your favourite drink, we have selected these three and six-bottle mixed cases for you to try! 

The idea of trying a mixed case with a selection of different organic wines has always been popular with wine-lovers. Not only will you be able to try something new and explore wine regions like you haven’t before, you can truly fall in love with sustainable wine producing and biodynamic wines. To make this process a lot easier for you, we have created a selection of wines for you to opt for.

You can choose a varied selection of our three and six-bottle mixed wine cases below to help you discover the world of organic wines. Wine cases for tasting at home? Yes! Sparkling wine mixed case? Yes! German Riesling? Yes! Choose a wine case and get it delivered straight to you door. Cheers!

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Mixed Cases

Cosy Winter Wines

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