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Even though New Zealand is best known for producing Sauvignon Blanc, the great winemakers from New Zealand have a lot more to offer and many secrets to reveal as the wines from New Zealand are known to push the winemaking boundaries.

Their winemakers are committed to protecting the environment and places that make their wines. This is why sustainability is such an integral part of their wine industry. Not only are they committed to craft outstanding wines, but also to allow the environment and communities to thrive. New Zealand vineyards are truly making a difference and one of their winemakers’ best kept “secrets” is that they produce many great Chardonnays.

If you are searching for the premium New Zealand Chardonnay, or you are on the lookout to try something new such as New Zealand Pinot Noir, the stunning New Zealand natural wine will surprise you. So feel free to browse our selection of natural and organic wines straight from New Zealand. Enjoy and cheers!