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With 13 wine regions and undoubtedly the best Riesling in the world, Germany also boasts extremely versatile and pairable red wines. And since winemaking has been a part of the German culture since the Romans, Germany’s reputation for having quality, aromatic and elegant white wines is not in vain.

German white wine or red wine, you will not be disappointed. True to the German way, innovation lies at the core of their ever evolving industry, with many producers switching to organic and biodynamic production. Sustainable, natural and organic wines are definitely the future of the winemaking industry and the German winemakers have recognised that.

So why not enjoy a bottle of German Riesling? Or German Pinot Noir? The options are endless as Pull The Cork has curated a selection for you to buy German wines that celebrates the dry, the sweet, the inbetweeners, the beautifully balanced and the immensely refreshing. Explore the world of organic German wine. Cheers! 

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