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Slovakian wine should be on the wine map of every true wine lover. Even though wines were produced in Slovakia almost 400 years before the invasion of the Roman Empire, we have only just started exploring the natural and organic wines this country has to offer. 

Slovakia has a long tradition of winemaking, specialising in unusually dry and sweet wines. Due to the younger generations of winemakers, who are reviving the old and experimenting with modern winemaking techniques, their excellent offer, and fantastic sustainability efforts to make the wine-producing industry more environmentally friendly, we can enjoy the unique taste of natural and biodynamic wines from Slovakia.  

In case you are looking to explore new wine regions that you haven’t before, you can start with our artisan selection of Slovakian wines. Slovakian orange wine will intrigue you – from fruity and floral to more spicy and smoky – and their fresh and crisp whites will surprise you. And if you are a fan of Pet Nat, Slovakian sparkling wines are undiscovered jewels. If you have already tasted their exquisite wines, all you have to do is find what you like best, buy Slovakian wine and we’ll deliver it straight to your door.