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Slovenia is not usually a country you associate with wine production, however, in recent years, this country is peeking its head above the ground and producing some serious value for money. It may surprise you that winemaking has existed in Slovenia since the time of the Celts and Illyrians tribes, even before Romans introduced winemaking in France or Spain. This makes Slovenia one of the countries that has the longest tradition when it comes to winemaking.

To help everyone discover untapped beauty that Slovenian winemakers have to offer, we carefully choose the best Slovenian wine – sustainable, organic and natural wines that will surprise you. We handpicked premium low intervention wines, the best Slovenian orange wine, exquisite white, red, and rose wines from beautiful Slovenian wine regions and wine cellars. So if you decide to buy Slovenian wine and discover new wines, you will not regret it. Cheers! 

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