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Fortified wine is a delicious wine that the majority of people usually enjoy as a drink before or after dinner. From Muscat to Port, we have a selection of fortified wine that will tantalise your taste buds.

The reason why they are called fortified in the first place is that a distilled spirit (usually brandy) has been added. What is interesting about fortified wines is that they were initially created to protect the wine on long sea voyages. As these voyages could take months or even longer – winemakers used brandy to stabilise the wine. This proved to be a very useful tactic, as wines were able to withstand temperature changes and long journeys. Fortified wines are popular nowadays as well and there are many occasions and reasons for you to buy fortified wine.

Our dark, fortified Muscat is sumptuous and fruity. Our Port is rich and powerful. Extremely delicious with an incredible depth of flavour, you won’t find better fortified wines to round off your meal. Browse our selection and buy fortified wine.