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Vegan Wine: The Debate Continued

Vegan-friendly Wine

Natural wines are essentially wines made in harmony with planet earth. And this is where the debate about vegan wine arose. The natural wine movement has been the biggest game-changer in the 21st-century wine world and for very good reasons. To class a wine as natural, the general idea is that the whole production of the […]

Wine Certification: Classification and Filtering on Pull The Cork

Wine Certification And Classification

Recently we’ve been getting into all kinds of debates on how the Wine Certification should be addressed, and how categories and filtering should be presented, so we’ve made some changes, and feel that this is the right way to tell you why. Wine certification: classifying wine according to farming practices Organic According to the Soil […]

Stay Up To Date With Hottest Wine Trends

wine trends

In the last year, we’ve seen various wacky trends in the wine industry. From the continuous love for Rosé to the rise in the popularity of sustainably produced and vegan wines. The majority of wine consumers are now millennials, and as result, they’re shaping the future of the wine industry. We can officially say that […]

Animal Products In Wine: Can Vegans Drink Wine?

Why are there animal products in wine?

There are animal products in wine, unfortunately.   I imagine you’re probably asking yourself – Isn’t wine just made with grapes? The answer to that is of course – yes, wine is made with just grapes, but there are different processes when making wine which makes a wine suitable for vegans or not because animal products are […]

Our Vegan Wines For Your Veganuary

wines for Veganuary

Searching for wines for Veganuary?  Never heard of Veganuary? Well, neither had I until last week. It’s pronounced (vee-GAN-uary) and as you can probably guess, it’s a New Year’s resolution to eat only plant-based foods for the month of January. Why did you decide to go vegan? Giving a vegan lifestyle a try for a […]

Pull The Cork’s Halloween Themed Wines


Once you’ve closed the door for the final time to trick or treaters, because it’s their bedtime, and anyone else that is still out knocking on the door is either a lawbreaker or too old to be trick or treating, what do you do? It’s 8 pm, all the sweets (and kale) are gone, but […]

Introducing you to the wines of Château Léoube

Château Léoube

You Win Some, You Lose Some Starting a start-up is hard work, starting a start-up in the wine trade – a highly competitive market – it’s next to impossible. Trying to interact and please everyone is hard work – but if like us you thrive from hard work and pleasing people, then, in the long […]

12 Summer Wines To Freshen Up Any Occasion

summer wines

For these 12 summer wines, you’ve never heard of, but should almost certainly try! A lot of wine-lovers these days tend to walk into a shop, or buy online what they already know, so that’s where we come in – our job is to help you navigate through the maze of sustainable wine, and trust […]

Wine Suitable for Vegans: Where Can I Find Vegan Wine?

Is wine suitable for vegans?

Is wine suitable for vegans?  These days there are many more people out there that are conscious about their health, and who are also conscious about what’s in the glass, what’s on the label, and what wine additives are actually added in the making of that given wine. When searching for vegan wines the best […]

4 Ways To Survive a Heatwave with Wine

How to survive a heatwave with wine

Wondering how to survive a heatwave with wine? A result of global warming, weather patterns are predicted to be more volatile, hotter summers and colder winters. So we better prepare ourselves and adapt to long stretches of this heatwave. BUT this means we will perhaps have to adjust our wine habits too. Let’s look at […]

Ciu Ciu in the Garden

Ciu Ciu in the Garden

Our Monday movie, (Ciu Ciu in the Garden)..some amazing new wines this week, stay tuned! Make sure you subscribe to our channel!!

Sustainable Wines Are On The March: Less Is More

Sustainable wines are on the march

Sustainable wines ARE on the march! The increasingly conscientious consumer (try saying that a couple of times after a few hours of wine tasting without using a spittoon), wants to know how their products are produced if they were made using sustainable methods and in a natural or organic way. This increasingly goes for food […]