Is Organic Wine Better For You?

organic wine
Last Updated: June 4th, 2021

Is organic wine actually better for you?

According to a recent market report, organic grape production has increased by 120%. There are numerous reasons why the organic wine industry is booming: better for the environment and fewer chemicals all around, to start.

So, is organic wine all just a gimmick dreamt up by hipsters to give them an extension to their time in the sun?

How is organic wine different from standard wine?

The answer firstly is in the taste: organic wine outshines standard wine any day of the week. But just as importantly, the way organic wine is produced also adds to its appeal.

Because whilst mass-produced standard wines are made from the most chemically sprayed fruit crops out of all the fruit crops that are grown, organic wines are produced from grapes grown on farms that typically employ biodynamic farming methods, to bring their crops to full bloom.

Organic farming practices are gentle on the environment

Organic farmers work with nature rather than against it.

  • Farmers use cover crops to attract insects which eat the bugs that damage the fruit (rather than spray pesticides).
  • They use animal manures to fertilise the land (rather than chemically-derived fertilisers).
  • They are aware of the need for water conservation.
  • They make use of the many renewable resources they have at their disposal.
  • They practice crop rotations to give the land a rest.

And the result?

  • Hardier grapes that are more resistant to disease.
  • Fertilised, strong topsoil that is capable of producing an outstanding wine crop year after year.
  • A  managed weed and insect system that doesn’t require the winegrower to don gloves and a mask whilst they’re overseeing the process.

So after all that, is this wine better for you?

Is drinking organic wine better for you?

Well, yes. Categorically, imbibing fewer chemicals is better for you. But that isn’t the only reason you should drink organic wine.

Organic wine is known to give you less of a sore head, due in part to having none of the chemical additives that conventional wine does, meaning pure grape juice enters your body (unlike conventional wine which has up to 70 extra added ingredients, including – but not limited to – sulphur dioxide, preservatives, dyes and sugar).

So, whilst red wine is known for its health benefits, organic wine trumps it healthwise every time. Why? Because the resveratrol levels that standard red wines contain (which makes them so good for you), is actually 80% lower than the levels of resveratrol that are found in organic wines.

And why is resveratrol so good for us?

  • It helps to lower cholesterol
  • It helps reverse arterial damage
  • It is a known anti-inflammatory agent
  • It has even been found to cause apoptosis in cancer cells (i.e it makes them commit suicide)

But if that isn’t reason enough why organic wine is better for you. Here are three more great reasons that should do the trick.

3 reasons why organic wine is better than standard wine

  1. It’s produced without the addition of any chemicals, at any stage of production. No artificial chemicals, no synthetic chemicals, no herbicides, no pesticides. Instead, wine growers work with nature to boost the biodiversity of their vineyard.
  2. It contains just half of the amount of sulphur dioxide that standard wines contain. The reason? Sulphur dioxide is a preservative commonly added to wine in order to prevent any bacteria from taking up residence in the wine or bottle. Oh, and it is also one of the key culprits in giving you a stinking hangover following a day’s imbibing.   
  3. It simply tastes better. Like organic meat, fruit and vegetables, there is no denying the flavours in organic wines are stronger, far more complex and a lot purer than any of the adulterated offerings you can purchase.

Finally, if you need any more reasons as to why organic wine is better for you to know this: if you want to forgo your morning glass of orange juice in favour of the second glass of organic wine in the evening, you go ahead and do just that, because organic wine contains the vitamin C that you need. You’re welcome.

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