The press reports “another challenging year” but we see it as a sign!

Last Updated: April 14th, 2021

A recent article in the press reports that consumers are drinking less wine now than ever before and that 2018 has been a challenging year for the wine trade.

Mainstream wine sales might be down, but organic wine sales are on the rise. Consumers are beginning to be more conscious about what they are drinking, much like food – they want to know what’s going into their bodies, and quite rightly so!

With global warming on the rise, we’ve found that over the past year, consumers are taking a larger interest in the products they use; how sustainable they are made and how they impact their health. More and more wine-makers are starting to share this similar belief and are using more sustainable methods for making more organic, overall health-conscious and natural wines.

Sustainably produced wine will be one of the more leading way forward for drinking wine in years to come, and this is what should be promoted!

Wine Intelligence recently found evidence to support the trend for drinking consciously, stating an “adventurous attitude and a strong interest in wine” as a driving factor for the future of the wine trade. Millennial drinkers in the 20-35 years age bracket particularly epitomise this trend, the report found.

As Pull The Cork concentrates on the sustainable, environmental and health segment of the wine market, within a declining wine market, this builds a strong growth area for us, to build a strong community of health-conscious wine drinkers, that are looking for lower alcohol, lower tannin, sulphates and more sustainably produced products.

With community in mind, we are planning for a big 2019, with lots of exciting new and exclusive offers just for our customers – if you haven’t already, do take a look at our monthly membership and subscription model – you can now gift one, which would be an amazing present.

Thank you for being such a massive support throughout 2018!

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