Wow Your Guests with Your Nero d’Avola Food Pairing

Ciello Rosso Nero d’Avola
Last Updated: June 29th, 2021
Food and wine pairing can sound intimidating. You need to know so much about both wine and food which can be a lot, especially if you are not an adventurer who likes to try out new flavours.
But who says that pairing food with wine should be scary?
We believe that making perfect combinations of quality, natural wine and tasty dishes should be a fun experience. Think: Nero d’Avola wines. These wines are rich with flavours and it may be hard for you to find the right food to pair it with.
This is why we’ve prepared a list of exciting ideas to try out the next time you start thinking about Nero d’Avola food pairing.

#1 Antipasti

Let’s start with something easy to make for all less experienced chefs out there. Antipasti are traditional first courses of Italian meals and they are usually made out of cured meats, mushrooms, various cheeses and olives. You can also add anchovies or different vegetables in oil or vinegar depending what you or your guests like.
Since all you need to do is arrange the ingredients you choose on a plate – this dish is easy to make and you will definitely surprise your guests with this gorgeous Nero d’Avola food pairing.
Antipasti wine and food pairing
In case you want to take antipasti a step further, don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients. They are not set in stone. And you may even surprise yourself how easy it becomes finding a perfect wine and food pairing.

#2 Rich meaty dishes

With its bold flavours, Nero d’Avola is best suited to rich meaty dishes. So this option is definitely for slightly more experienced chefs. However, do not be alarmed – there are still a number of great options even if you are not ready to cook more complex meals.
If you are craving a hearty, warm meal to pair with this low histamine wine, then we definitely recommend preparing beef stew. There are many recipes available depending on which flavours you prefer and if you haven’t made beef stew before – you will definitely be surprised how easy it is to make one. And the best part – you can make everything in one pot! 
Another great option for all BBQ lovers is pairing Nero d’Avola wine with burgers. Rich, meaty flavours of grilled meat will bring out all lovely fruity flavours of this wine. So the next time you decide to light a BBQ – make sure to have a bottle of Nero d’Avola wine next to you!
If you want to save some of this amazing wine for some other time, learn more about how long can red wine be open.

#3 Mushrooms and lentils

For all vegetarians and vegans out there, combining this vegan friendly wine is not a hard task. The salty and earthy notes of the mushrooms make a perfect pair with sweet notes of this wine.
Should you be worried about the sugar content in wine? Find out how many calories in a glass of red wine you can get. 
Another option is to make a tasty meal out of black lentils and shiitake. The options are endless depending on what you prefer – from stew to burgers – this combination will go with Nero d’Avola wine perfectly.
Mushroom food and wine pairing
Quick tip: We all like to indulge in comfort food from time to time, and there is no reason you cannot pair your favourite comfort food with Nero d’Avola wines. Needless to say, comfort food can be healthy. So, if you are one of us, we got you covered. Find our more about wine pairings with comfort food

Are you looking for the perfect bottle of Nero d’Avola wine? 

Why not start with Ciello Rosso Nero d’Avola? This is a classic.

If you love dark, almost roasted fruits, you will enjoy the flavours of black cherries and red and dark plums.

Also, besides being the perfect option if you have histamine intolerance, Ciello Rosso Nedo d’Avola is produced following the organic winemaking principles, so it’s organic wine, but also vegan friendly wine, if you are on a plant based diet. 

What is your favourite food pairing with Nero d’Avola?

Now that you have a few ideas on how to combine Nero d’Avola, what is the first dish that you will try out? Something light and easy like antipasti or perhaps a more hearty meal such as stew (beef or vegan)?
Whatever you opt for, do not forget to share your impressions with us in the comments.

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