Wine – The Saviour of Self-Isolation

Last Updated: August 20th, 2021

Everyone keeps saying what strange times we’re living in, and it’s true. Never in living memory has the world shut down like this. Walls are being erected, markets are tumbling, travel is curtailed, work is cancelled, schools are shut and socialising is taboo. 

Welcome to our new reality. 

Covid-19 and the wine industry

But before you go into a tailspin, Covid-19 hasn’t decimated the wine industry (like it has others). Because in good times or bad, people always like to have a drink – just because the party has stopped outside, doesn’t mean it has to stop inside, you can still buy organic wine online. 

We aren’t saying that wine is the answer, but it certainly makes for a happier self-isolation. And your main concern right now (after maintaining your health that is, and wondering where you’re going to get your next bog roll from), is where you can get a decent bottle of wine. (FYI we’re throwing in a free roll of loo paper with every order, just sayin’…).

Because let’s face it, after spending all day at home with the family ‘enjoying’ the pleasure of their non-stop company, you’re going to need a little more light relief than a rousing game of twister can muster. The indefinite indoor sentence is going to start grating right about… now. 

Organic wine online

Wine isn’t virus-proof, no industry is, but it is definitely more resilient than many other sectors. And that’s simply because the chances of the nation turning teetotal isn’t going to happen anytime soon, even with the threat of the virus looming over us, you can still find natural wine online. 

  • Let us just remind you that you don’t have to worry about what will happen if you open a bottle only for tasting. Read our guides on how long does wine last and how you can preserve it properly.

Four-fifths of Brits enjoy a tipple and while the virus may be hitting the hospitality industry hard, the B2C wine sales are soaring as we’re all confined to barracks. No socialising means we’re all stocking up for a good night in, meaning a boost in sales for wine retailers, in particular online wine retailers who offer same-day delivery…What luck then that Pull The Cork is an online wine retailer offering same-day delivery (if you’re within reach of the warehouse that is). 

Surviving self-isolation

So to survive self-isolation, why do so many of us turn to alcohol to help us through? 

#1 For the simple pleasure of it

The sound of a cork being pulled from a bottle of wine is like music to the ears. 

And when you’ve got a particularly delightful bottle of sustainable wine that you know is not just good for the environment, but better for your health than your average, mass-produced supermarket plonk, what’s not to love? 

#2 Out of boredom

When you’ve been flat out in your house all day, trying to work from home while persuading bored kids to knuckle down with their school work. Or balancing toddlers on your knees with one hand and typing with the other. And with no way of escaping come 5 pm, no alternative venues for socialising other than your own front room, the evening can suddenly stretch on into perpetuity.

Which also might explain the rise of The Quarantini (a cocktail in honour of our newfound self-isolation). This fantastic nondescript portmanteau blends the words quarantine and martini – but actually encapsulates any cocktail that you have the ingredients for to hand. 


#3 Kalsarikannit

Because we can’t go out. The pleasure of knowing that you don’t need to go out because you can’t, is something that we’re all privately enjoying at the moment. 

So get your kalsarikannit on – this is the Finnish term meaning: ‘the feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out’. 

That’s the dream, right there. 

The Japanese have also coined a new word for the new ‘staying at home and socialising online’ phenomenon that we’re all experiencing – on-nomi (オン飲み), which means ‘staying in and drinking with friends online’. 

#4 Because Covid-19 is stressful

Let’s not beat around the bush, dealing with the pandemic that is Covid-19 is an incredibly stressful experience. 

Worrying about your health, the health of your family, your loved ones, friends and acquaintances, convinced that every person to pass you by is a walking petri dish of disease, is stressful. 

And when you’re not worried about whether you’re going to get sick, you’re concerned about the security of your job. Of your financial situation. Of paying rent or meeting your mortgage repayments. And you can’t socialise or see friends to ease the pressure, and there are no answers – no one knows how long this quarantine is going to last. 

Pull The Cork can help you survive self-isolation

All joking aside, here’s what we at Pull The Cork are doing to keep spirits raised and glasses full, ensuring that you don’t run out of wine during lockdown: 

  • First-order discount is on us – use code SPRING at check out. 
  • 10% off when you sign up to our newsletter. (Min order £100)
  • Join our monthly wine subscription and not only receive some epic wines delivered straight to your door, but you also get 15% off all of our wines. We offer three different types of subscription:
    • The Dabbler – £40/ month (you receive 6 bottles every 3 months)
    • The Discovery – £100/month (you receive one mixed case every month)
    • The Bold Adventure – £250/month (you receive the most exclusive vintages in your 12 bottle case each and every month as well as some other awesome PTC extras)
  • We have a sale on – up to 40% off selected wines (hurry when they’re gone, they’re gone)
  • We’re constantly expanding our offering – check out our newest arrivals on our home page
  • We’re offering single bottle shipping to anywhere in the UK for just £6

We can get through this if we all stick together (while maintaining a safe distance).

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