Wine Suitable for Vegans: Where Can I Find Vegan Wine?

Is wine suitable for vegans?
Last Updated: August 18th, 2021

Is wine suitable for vegans? 

These days there are many more people out there that are conscious about their health, and who are also conscious about what’s in the glass, what’s on the label, and what wine additives are actually added in the making of that given wine.

When searching for vegan wines the best approach is to search for natural wines. But this topic requires further explanation.

So, is wine suitable for vegans and which wine? 

The better question is: what is vegan wine?

‘Wines that are suitable for vegans’ is in a basic term, alcohol (in this case wine) that is free from any interaction with animals.

No fish guts in wine. No unwanted harmful substances. No isinglass (isinglass is a kind of gelatine obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish). In short, there are no animal products in wine.

The fact is that eggs, milk, fish bladders (otherwise known as fining agents) and sometimes even gelatin are used in the process of alcohol production, and a lot of people are still unaware of this production method.

Understanding the fining process

“The fining process”, as known in the wine trade, is a process where a substance (usually a fining agent) is added to the wine to create a bond with the suspended particles in the wine; therefore producing larger particles that will precipitate out of the wine more rapidly.

Now there is speculation as to whether or not fining is actually needed in winemaking practices.

Most young wines if they’re left long enough will eventually reach the same state as fining achieves after a few months, but obviously, some larger winemakers don’t have time on their hands!

The good news for you guys who are searching for vegan wines is that a lot of winemakers are dropping the use of animal-derived fining agents and are now starting to only use something called ‘bentonite’ – bentonite is a clay-based mineral, that has no animal links.

It is important to note that fining agents do not change the flavour of the wine.

They are just used to improve the stability and clarity of the wine.

Natural wines are wines suitable for vegans

Natural wines are produced taking into account sustainable and biodynamic farming and winemaking practices and are following organic winemaking rules. Winemakers who produce natural wines are guided by low intervention winemaking principles – they are conscious about our environment and use no substances that pose threat to human health. It is safe to say that your search for vegan wines can start with natural wines. Moreover, natural wines are also sulphite free wines and low histamine wines, which is important to know if you have histamine intolerance.

Moreover, if you taking extra care of your health and body and think about sugar in the wine, natural and organic wines are just the right for you. Wines produced organically means that there is no added sugar just the one that is naturally occurred. Less sugar also means fewer calories, but not in every case. Find out how many calories in a bottle of wine you can find for each type of wine.

Want to learn how to open a bottle without a corkscrew?

It’s time to enjoy the rich taste of vegan wines! 

If you don’t know where to look to find a vegan wine – we have tried, tested, and now listed a handful of wines that are vegan friendly on Pull The Cork that you can buy online. You can also easily recognise wines suitable for vegans on our platform – simply look for this badge:

Pull The Cork vegan friendly wine symbol and clarification
Badge for wines suitable for vegans


Don’t forget to leave your review! We are eager to find out what vegan wines you like better! 🙂

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