We’re Having an Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt
Last Updated: June 4th, 2021

Easter Weekend Discount Codes

Happy Easter & Long Weekend!

For a bit of fun, we’re running a little Easter Egg Hunt of our own this weekend.

It’s no Hampton Court Palace Easter Egg Hunt, and unfortunately there are no Lindt gold bunnies but we’ve hidden ten ‘easter eggs’ (aka. discounted products) on the single bottles page on the website. They are only valid for Easter weekend and will expire at midnight on Monday.

The discounts are already applied on the products – you just need to add them to your cart to find them, you will also receive a free Pull The Cork Cotton Tote Bag with every prized order won (which may be a good identifier). The clues will be released in our Instagram Stories over the coming days. Follow us to see the clues each day.

To get you started here’s an easy first clue:

Originally from Cahors – France, now widely produced in Argentina – The grapes tend to have an inky dark colour and robust tannins.

Happy hunting, crack the clues and have a great Easter holiday!


James & Moritz – The PTC Team

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