Pivnica Brhlovce Sparkling Wine: Volcanic Wine from Slovakia

Pivnica Brhlovce Sparkling Wines: Introducing Volcanic Wine from Slovakia
Last Updated: August 19th, 2021

Ever tried Pivnica Brhlovce sparkling wines?

We were so happy to discover these magnificent sparkling volcanic wines from Slovakia, and would like to share with you our experience.

Brhlovce village, a UNESCO heritage site located in heart of Slovakia, and located on the slopes of stratovolcano Sitno, which erupted 5 million years ago, is a little gem of the Slovakian natural winemaking scene  – a place that awards us with magnificent Slovakian wine, especially sparkling wines which we love.

Natural Slovakian wine: Introducing Pivnica Brhlovce

Meet Ján Záborský, a winegrower and winemaker who runs Pivnica Brhlovce. The cellars where Jan’s workmanship turns grape juice into wine takes place in a dugout cave, which – 50 something years ago still used as a kitchen and social room by his grandparents.

Jan started his career as a wine journalist, he knew about wine from home where he learned the craft naturally, brought from generation to generation. As a wine journalist, he has connected on a personal level with every winemaker in Slovakia and the regions surrounding.

Volcanic wine - Jan Zaborsky, Pivnica Brhlovce

Seeing a sharp contrast of using chemistry in the vineyards and in cellars by a majority of winemakers producing conventional wines with not much of a character and shining examples of bold, true to terroir wines. Jan started to play with the idea to start the journey of a natural wine promoter and winemaker. He talked this idea through with his good friend Marek Uhnak – currently, the winemaker of Pivnica Cajkov, and decided to jump right into it.

Why should you try Pivnica Brhlovce Sparkling Wines? 

Wines of Pivnica Brhlovce are capturing the local terroir in a spectacular way. By drinking his wine you will delve into the exploration of different aspects of this terroir and can truly experience some of the best Slovakian sparkling wines.

Why are we convinced these are one of the best sparkling wines from Slovakia?

Stay with us, we’ll explain the winemaking technique.

Brhlovce is located on the northern border of a central European vine growing region on the slopes of mountains which are natural borders of the Pannonian Basin spreading from Slovenia through Hungary all the way to Slovakia. There are volcanic soils with a bedrock of tuffs and andesite covered by the only couple of dozens of centimetres of soil, make the vines struggle for water, growing very deep root systems and sucking very high levels of minerals with the water.

Volcanic wine - Pivnica Brhlovce Sparkling Wines

The wines have bold mineral spine supported with lingering acidity and a great expression of local grape varieties, that are enabled through spontaneous fermentation using only naturally occurring yeasts and no other chemistry in the winemaking process. Minimal or no sulphites are used before bottling which makes these wines probably some of the purest in the world and some of the best natural wines – although don’t be put off by the cloudiness!

Find out how this extraordinary sparkling wine goes pefectly with seafood. Explore amazing food and organic wine pairings.

Exquisite Pet Nat from Pivnica Brhlovce

Jan’s free spirit of a natural winemaker not shackled by conventions and appellations is vividly imprinted in his exquisite Pet Nat Bonka.

Pivnica Brhlovce Bonka Pet Nat

How are Pivnica Brhlovce pet nat wines produced? Grapes of Feteasca Regala, Grüner Veltliner, Blaufränkish and Chasselas Blanc from small 0,4 ha vineyard – the habitat of 40-year-old vines, are harvested, crushed and processed all together. They macerate for 24hrs on the skins in an open tub, where the spontaneous fermentation kicks in. Fermenting juice is then transported to a stainless steel tank where the juice is vinified.

After the fermentation naturally stops, a fresh juice of Blaufränkish is added to young wine, the mixture is bottled under the crown stopper (usually seem on beer bottles) and let for secondary fermentation which develops delicious “naughty bubbles”.

  • There is a nice touch on each bottle of Pivnica Brhlovce Pet Nat – a handmade painting done by the winemaker’s wife. Each bottle is actually a unique piece of art.

Have you tried BlaBla Pet Nat from Pivnica Brhlovce? 

Another exquisite sparkling wine you should try is BlaBla Pet Nat, which is a perfect Friday night wine or as one of summer wines to to try in your garden. This wine is produced using biodynamic winemaking techniques from the grapes of Blaufränkisch and is a low sugar wine.

Pivnica Brhlovce BlaBla Pet Nat 2019

If some ancient naturally produced volcanic wine sounds like your cup of tea (or wine) you should buy sparkling wines now as they are running low quickly! 

If you are interested in exploring more of this magnificent Slovakian volcanic wine and wish to be the first to know when we get new premium wines in our shop, explore our monthly wine subscription – we’ll send you an email about our hottest offers and discoveries. 🙂


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