The Greatness of a Mixed Wine Case

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Last Updated: August 17th, 2021

You’ve seen the supermarket shelves, you’ve been to the off-license, they’re floor to ceiling, wall to wall mass-produced wine. You can’t differentiate between bottles because you can’t try them and how do you know if the wine is going to be good or bad when all you have is a label to go on? 

You don’t know if you’re buying toilet water or something magical. You don’t know if the winemaker prefers quality over quantity – all you have to help you decide is a snazzy label and if the label design appeals (and the wine is the right price), that bottle might go in your basket. 

It’s a jungle out there. 

The greatness of a mixed wine case 

How many times have you been in this situation – you want to pick up a bottle of wine for supper but you don’t know what to get. Or you want to have a few bottles of wine in reserve to last you the weekend, but you aren’t sure what everyone likes. 

You have to make a decision, but what if you make the wrong choice and end up spending vast sums of money on a wine that tastes like the inside of an old trainer?

And so herein lies the greatness of buying wine by the case from Pull The Cork – our mixed wine cases offer you a selection of fantastic low intervention, organic and biodynamic wines guaranteed to tempt all taste buds, already chosen for you. 

Because here’s the thing. We KNOW about wine

We know great wine

We know what makes a great low intervention wine. We understand about terroir, about biodynamic farming, about the impact of climate change on the flavour of a wine. We know which years were great and where. We know when you should be drinking a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon or when that South African Malbec will really come into its own. 

We get that there are certain wines that are crying out to be drunk on a hot, hazy summer afternoon (something like these summer wines), while others work best alongside a roaring fire and The Muppet Christmas Carol movie. 

Because we know all of this it’s why we pay so much care and attention to our mixed wine offerings and why we champion the greatness of a mixed wine case. 

At Pull The Cork we put so much care and attention into selecting the perfect wines to go in our mixed cases of wine. We take the job of deciding what you’re going to drink incredibly seriously, considering each and every bottle of wine that we select for you. We want you to enjoy every single bottle of low intervention, organic or biodynamic wine that you purchase from Pull The Cork, because without you, our discerning customer, we are nothing. 

Mixed wine cases: a great wine gift or a perfect choice for wine tasting at home

When you purchase a mixed wine case from Pull The Cork it’s our opportunity to wow you with great wine at a great price. You don’t have to decide which wine you’ll be drinking this weekend, you don’t have to do anything other than pull the cork and enjoy our selection. 

With one of our mixed wine cases, you can discover all manner of different flavours of wine. You can be certain that our mixed case would be a perfect gift or a perfect selection of wine for wine tasting. If you haven’t yet checked out our cases of mixed wines, know this, they change frequently. There’s a whole world of wine out there just ripe for exploration and sticking with what you know quickly gets boring. 

If you’ve never tried an organic wine and natural wine before, or you’re unsure about low intervention wine, check out our three and six-bottle mixed cases packed with treats you might not ordinarily opt for, but which we guarantee will blow your mind and your socks off. 

If you’ve only ever experienced a mixed red wine or orange wine filled with the dregs of a wine cellar, you’re in for a real treat. Also, you can use this opportunity to learn more, which will help you with your decision making in the future –  so we recommend reading Is organic wine better for you

Pull The Cork Wine Cases

Mixed wine cases have long been a popular way to consume wine, allowing the experts, the oenophiles to choose different wines for you, enabling you to experience the best of the best, or to give you an introduction to a certain type of wine you haven’t tried before, and the Pull The Cork mixed wine cases are no different. 

To give you an idea of what we have curated for you, we have:

  • MoFlo Wines Cure For The Common Cabin Fever 
    • A two-pack case containing a couple of bottles of PTC’s finest wine. These are MoFlo’s pick of our litter.
  • Entry Level Low Intervention Mixed Case
    • Here are four bottles of low intervention wines which are perfect for introducing you to the world of sustainable wines. Two red and two white, these sustainably produced, natural wines are delicious, minimal intervention, vegan wines made using natural winemaking techniques. We spoil you, we really do. 
  • Rieslings to be Cheerful
    • Rieslings are some of the most underestimated wines going and we think they should be featured more prominently on every wine list. So here’s our mixed wine case: 6 bottles of Dr Loosen Rieslings that perfectly encapsulate everything wonderful about this fantastic type of wine. 
  • Christmas in a Box Mixed Case
    • If you want to get ahead in your Crimbo preparations, now is the perfect time to stock your wine cellar with wines for the big day. This outstanding mixed case contains six essential bottles that no Christmas table should be without – from fizz to fortified wine to sweet Muscat, we have you covered. 

For more great mixed wine case deals, check out our full mixed wine case selection. You won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about fortified wines, make sure to check out our article covering the topic what is fortified wine. In this way you will be able to make an informed decision while trying out new rich wines that you haven’t tasted before.

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