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What Is Fortified Wine: A Guide to Fortified Wines

fortified wines in glasses

For all wine aficionados, there is nothing better than discovering new wines that come from great wineries from all over the world. But when you are not so familiar with all types of wine, it can be intimidating seeing new wines that you haven’t tried before, such as fortified wines. So what is fortified wine? […]

Wines of Austria: Go Beyond Austria’s Grüner Veltliner

Explore natural Austrian wines

How much do you know about natural wines of Austria? Grüner Veltliner will always be a favourite from Austria, but the country also produces delicious blends that you’re going to want on your shelf. It’s about time you explored wines of Austria! We decided to introduce you to a diverse and magnificent world of natural […]

Sustainable Wines Are On The March: Less Is More

Sustainable wines are on the march

Sustainable wines ARE on the march! The increasingly conscientious consumer (try saying that a couple of times after a few hours of wine tasting without using a spittoon), wants to know how their products are produced if they were made using sustainable methods and in a natural or organic way. This increasingly goes for food […]