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The Xarel-lo varietal, Or is it Xarello or Xarel.lo?


Have you tried the amazing wines from Xarel-lo grape variety?  Or is it Xarello or Xarel.lo? How do you even pronounce it? Recently I have been trying a lot of new (to Pull The Cork) wines and have stumbled across quite a few amphorae Xarel-lo’s. When I was uploading one to the site this week, […]

Introducing the wines of Bodegas Menade

A producer that we have grown very fond of recently – Bodegas Menade – Produced in Rueda – Enjoyed in the UK! Bodegas Menade began back in 1820 when their ancestors tended vineyards in a wide variety of sites that today form part of DO Rueda. The wine-making was produced in an underground facility in La Seca, […]