Introducing the wines of Bodegas Menade

Last Updated: June 4th, 2021

A producer that we have grown very fond of recently – Bodegas Menade – Produced in Rueda – Enjoyed in the UK!

Bodegas Menade began back in 1820 when their ancestors tended vineyards in a wide variety of sites that today form part of DO Rueda. The wine-making was produced in an underground facility in La Seca, it was cut out of solid rock at the beginning of the 19th Century. Whilst their father continues to run the world-renowned Bodegas Vinos Sanz, his three children decided to take another route. In looking right back to their traditional winemaking roots and in fully respecting nature to let it speak for itself, Menade was born. Using a mix of natural traditional winemaking and state of the art technology they are able to bring the wines from the past, into the future.

“We seek to return to Mother Nature what Mankind stole from us”

Their overall aim is that tradition and technology work in unison and that their vines are truly pampered by nature – which really fits in line with the focus Pull The Cork is trying so hard to push! Rather than using machinery, they try and use as many natural resources available to them. They use no chemical treatments and instead, they are opting for a natural approach consisting for example; of plant-based infusions (nettles, cinnamon…) or whey, which are kinder on the soil, plants and naturally occurring yeasts. The vineyard is it’s own ecosystem, the insect population in the soils, far from being their enemies are also their trusted allies, and these help them ward of nasty pests. When a problem within the vines arises at Bodegas Menade they spray the vines with vanilla – this eliminates the likes of ladybirds and red spiders, this doesn’t kill them, it just makes them not come back for more! All these measures play an important part in the production of their wines, not only do they taste good but they make you feel good and they are both allergen and histamine free.

Bodegas Menade are pioneers in the organic certification efforts, the natural way of their wines, the feeling and their unconditional support for the ecology manifest their force to magnify the authenticity of Verdejo and it’s more natural side. The combination of innovation, talent and hard work is what ensures and maintains the quality of their wines. The family’s extroverted nature and restless minds have helped to position their wines all over the world – and now adding the UK to the map, through Pull The Cork.

Here are a few of their incredible wines;

Bodegas Menade Clandestino 2016 has loads of dark black fruit and concentrated blackcurrants on the nose. Behind them dark red fruit. Big, rich, black plum and blackcurrant, cooked raspberries, leather, prunes and dates. Well textured, rounded and fresh with a long mineral finish.


Bodegas Menade La Mision (Pre-Phylloxera) 2016 is a well-weighted yellow colour. Fresh pineapple, vanilla pod, lemon mousse nose. Clean palate with a bit of breadth and earthiness. Guava, banana and creme caramel. A touch wooded. Subtle, lingering rich citrus finish. Silky.

And my absolute favourite – Bodegas Menade Verdejo 2017, a straw yellow colour with green flecks. Concentrated white fruits, melon, ripe citrus, with thyme and fennel notes. Dry and flavoursome with slight green, bitter notes. Clan lasting fresh acidity on the finish.


A goodbye from the team at Bodegas Menade and see you next time from Pull The Cork.

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