How to Pair Wine With a Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich
Last Updated: August 20th, 2021

I understand that you might be like, does this guy really drink at breakfast….? My answer to that is, rather than the word ‘drink’, I use the word ‘enjoy’.

Just like a Bellini, having a glass of low alcohol wine at breakfast, on a nice relaxing weekend is just perfect! After all the weekend is for celebrating! Plus, if you are taking extra care of your health and body, we have you covered there. If you are interested to know how many calories in a bottle of wine you can get, there are 125 calories in red wine for a 5 fl oz serving. Also, if you didn’t know, red wine has the lowest amount of sugar which is also beneficial in many ways. There are other types of low sugar wine to choose from, so make sure to get informed before making your next purchase.

So this is more of an American tradition, but we’re giving you our take on breakfast sandwiches and why we think you should be getting involved too! There is no reason that breakfast sandwiches can’t also be the thing you eat while enjoying something to drink, especially if that ‘something’ happened to be a bottle of low alcohol, low sulphur Pet Nat or Champagne and as our friend Winston Churchill once said;

“Champagne is appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

So learn from the greats and appreciate that there is no shame in having a low alcohol tipple with your breakfast sandwiches, sausages, egg and a muffin is the perfect cure!

Breakfast sandwich and wine pairings: explore sparkling wines

Naturally sparkling wines are generally low in acidity but make up for it with a balance of fruit, juice and minerality which is perfect for the morning palate. A dry Sauvignon based Pet Nat like our ever popular Cascina Zerbetta Shan Pan would be the perfect breakfast sandwich match, this is a fun and flavorful sparkling from Piedmont in Northwest Italy and is made with no pesticides or fertilisers which will make you feel even fresher!

It does, of course, have a cloudy nature like most Pet Nat’s, but don’t be put off by that, this bottle is the perfect match at a lean 11.5% abv for smashed avocado and eggs on toast!! At only £17.80 a bottle it makes for the perfect guilt-free breakfast wine!

Find out how else you can combine sparkling wines, explore our list of food and organic wine pairings

breakfast sandwich

Red wine for breakfast?

You may think that reaching for a bottle of vegan red wine first thing in the morning will end in an all-day session madness – but think again, having a nice bottle of chilled biodynamic Cabernet Franc from the Loire like our Hurluberlu is the perfect match for those that love the not so healthy fry up option.

The Huluberlu is more than just a marketing package stunt, it’s exuberantly fresh, brimming with cherry and cranberry goodness and even has a lively wriggle of liquorice,It is sapid, savoury and moreish which will really help break down all those rich flavours on your plate.

Hurluberlu Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil 2016

After all, if breakfast merges into lunch and dinner at least you’ve made the most of your weekend! You can spread the bottle for the whole day and combine it with amazing meals. Be sure to check out our tips and be informed on how long does red wine last once opened

Just remember; life without brunch is no life at all, and what is a meal without wine.

Bonus tip: In case you are not sure where your bottle opener is – we know how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.


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