April Fools: 6 Ways To Prank a Fellow Wine Lover

Last Updated: June 11th, 2021

For 364 days of the year, great wine is not something to be messed around with. On April 1st, however, I think playing a little trick involving wine is very much on the cards. After all, the horror that hits the victim’s face will provide a classic moment. And besides, the results are only temporary.

So, how to April fools with wine?

What are the best ways to prank a fellow wine lover this April 1st? Let’s take a closer look.

#1 Trade A Special Bottle For A Cheap One

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Remove the Radikon from a loved one’s wine rack, and replace it with a bottle of something else. It could be wine, another alcoholic drink, or some lemonade. Or you can just switch a bottle of red wine for a bottle of white wine.

#2 Switch The Labels On Two Bottles

Another option is to switch the labels on two bottles of wine. This is best done on bottles with an opaque glass as pouring a glass of white wine from what’s supposed to be rose will blow their mind for a split second – before they remember what day it is. For example you can easily switch the labels on Dr Loosen Red Slate Dry Riesling or for that matter on any other delicious Dr Loosen wine 🙂

#3 Pour Another Drink Into The Bottle

Or, you can simply unleash your inner teenager and pour the wine into another bottle only to replace it with something else. Blackcurrant cordial makes a great substitute for Malbec wines until the victim takes a sip… You can even test your cooking skills and make a homemade Blackcurrant cordial.

#4 Hide Their Favourite Bottle

The idea of stealing someone’s wine might seem a little basic, but why not spice it up by leaving a card that gives them a string of clues. For optimum pranking, make sure the last clue leads back to the wine rack – where the victim will find that you merely hid the bottle nearby. The beauty of this prank is that it can be any wine because you don’t have to do anything with it – you just have to hide it. So find out what they love – whether they love rich red, subtle white or perhaps exciting skin contact wine – you have the perfect trick for this April fools!

#5 Start A Game Of Roulette

Perhaps the most sinister trick is to pour a bottle of vegan white wine into another bottle and place it alongside a handful of identical bottles that contain other liquids. Or, you could pour chilli extract into all but one bottle and turn it into a drinking game of sorts.

#6 April fools with wine last minute idea: Hide all corkscrews

Just hide all corkscrews but don’t get carried away! Learn all possible ways on how to get a cork out without a corkscrew and teach someone else how to do the same 🙂 

So, these are some of the ways to prank a fellow wine lover. Whatever you do, make it fun. And if you are going to ruin someone’s wine, at least have the decency to replace it. 

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