The Best Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Wine Lovers

Last Updated: June 9th, 2021

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to show your loved one how much you care, and just when you think you’ve navigated the vast mountain that is Valentines Day planning and you’ve both sat down to dine across the romantic candlelit setting before you, one obstacle remains – The Wine List.


Where do you begin? What goes with what and did I bring the right bottle to impress that first date?

I guess you will never really know the answer to that question, but at least you can put in 110% of your efforts with our useful guide!


How Do You Order Wine Like a Pro?

This is quite often the most daunting part of the whole date, choosing the wine. Even when the room is at the perfect temperature your hands still manage to go clammy, and you get the mental block, well this is about to change! If you’re choosing for a light starter I would always go for what we call – an all-rounder wine, something like a dry Sauvignon, Viognier or a Soave, these wines will, generally speaking, go with anything and everything, and you can always go for something a bit more hearty and meaty later on when the date intensifies.

If you are choosing a wine for a Beef Wellington or a gamey stew, or just a meaty dish I’d go for something a little more robust – a Chenin from Niels Verburg, or an Oregon Chardonnay, a Cabernet Blend from Mallorca, or a Garnacha from Rioja, these wines should really hit the spot. Alternatively, the Sommelier is there to help, so don’t be afraid to ask!

If you are not sure which meal goes perfectly with Chardonnay, be sure to check out our Chardonnay food pairing list. 

When the daunting task of choosing the wine has been sorted, it then comes down to tasting the wine – you might be asking, why do I need to? It’s really just to make sure that the wine is not spoilt, just like the pro’s – swirl the wine in the glass and take a small sip, if there is something wrong you will be tasting damp like flavour or smelling like wet dog. If you do get this, do not be afraid of speaking out! They should replace the bottle for you, which in itself is always an achieving feeling!


How Do I Choose The Perfect Bottle For Valentine’s Dinner at Home?

You’ve been invited over for a romantic meal or you’re the one cooking, and you want to bring or provide something extra special? Well as you will see in all the shops, and probably all the other blogs about Valentines Day – Fizz – fizz is and has been the romantic answer for decades! And we recommend trying out Pet Nat!

You can also amaze your significant other with tasty red wine such as Nero d’Avola. To make preparing dinner easy check out a Nero d’Avola food pairing list

The Ambulle Negrette Pet Nat, produced by the Ribes Family in Fronton – France is a winner at Only £16.00 a bottle! This natural sparkling wine has a stunning mousse and oozes sweet cherries, raspberries and pear drops. This pet nat is dark pink and discernibly sweet.

If you by accident, don’t own a corkscrew, we got you covered. Find out how to open wine without a corkscrew

Yetti and the Kokonut Pet Nat

Yetti and the Kokonut Pet Nat is a new favourite on the Pull The Cork Site – a winery run by Dave Geyer And Koen Janssens, the stars of winemaking in Aus. This is the ultimate celebration sparkler – Make sure the bottle is WELL CHILLED before serving as this will lower the chance of overflow upon opening!

De Stefani

The De Stefani Prosecco is from a winery in Veneto where their only source of electricity is solar and is 100% carbon neutral – pretty impressive!! This stunning Prosecco has a delicate, floral nose which is a touch tropical. Typical gentle pear, guava, lychee, subtle fruit. Bright, high acidity and clean minerality. Finishes with pear and touch of aniseed, persistent but soft bubbles.

Don’t stop here, explore more organic wines and how they fit with different meals. Explore our food and organic wine pairings

Extra tip: If you want to really surprise your date with something new and on-trend, check out our offer and buy orange wine. We recommend Azul Y Garanza Naturaleza Salvaje 2018 that will certainly take your breath away.

Azul Y Garanza Naturaleza Salvaje 2020

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