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4 Refreshing Wine Cocktails to Try Today

aperol spritz wine cocktail

Every summer brings out new favourites and new refreshing wine cocktails that everyone is talking about. Some of them may be a bit complicated to make, while others are super easy to make at home. In order to help you impress your friends and family during garden parties, we’ve tried, tested and wrote down some […]

What Is Fortified Wine: A Guide to Fortified Wines

fortified wines in glasses

For all wine aficionados, there is nothing better than discovering new wines that come from great wineries from all over the world. But when you are not so familiar with all types of wine, it can be intimidating seeing new wines that you haven’t tried before, such as fortified wines. So what is fortified wine? […]

Father’s Day Gifts: Surprise Your Dad With Unique Wines

Father's Day Gifts

Unique wine for Father’s day to surprise your dad? Each third Sunday of June is reserved for Father’s Day so let’s find your perfect Father’s Day Gifts together! This is a day to honour our loving fathers and not only them but also father figures, grandfathers, and fathers-in-law. As June 20th is approaching fast, you […]

Chardonnay Food Pairing Like a Pro: Make Evert Bite Count

Interested in finding out everything about the best Chardonnay food pairing? Let’s start from the beginning. Chardonnay wine is loved and praised around the world. It is the most versatile wine with a wide palette of varieties, flavours, and price ranges. One of the best characteristics of Chardonnay wine is that combined with the right […]

Can Diabetics Drink Wine? 

So, can diabetics drink wine? We are getting so many questions about whether diabetics can drink wine. The shortest possible answer is yes with a huge ‘but’ wrapped up around it. If you are a diabetic, you can drink wine as long as you are aware of the side effects and how you can drink […]